Bloodborne Pathogen Program​ ​​
bloodborne pathogen photo.jpg​​ The Bloodborne Pathogen Program covers all areas at Florida International Univeristy, in which exposure to bloodborne pathogens may occur. This program provides the proper guidelines and precautions to prevent self-exposure and contmination based on OSHA requirements and recommendations.
Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Injuries​ ​

If you have been exposed to bloodborne pathogens (human/primate/infectious animal blood, tissue, body bluids or other potentially infectious materials as identified in the FIU Bloodborne Pathogen Exposure Control Plan) through an on-the-job needle-stick, laceration, or splash, do the following IMMEDIATELY:​​ ​

     Needle-sticks or lacerations: 
  1. Wash the affected area(s) with soap and water thoroughly
  2. Administer first aid if necessaryAdminister first aid if necessary
     Splashes to the eye or mouth:
  1. Rinse mucous membranes with water

Below are additional steps that should be followed once first aid has been administered. The steps taken will depend on your status at FIU. The FIU status categories are:
            - Employee
                       - Allied health/medical student
        - Non-medical/non-allied health student ​ ​

    FIU Employees: ​

Medical Emergencies:
  1. Notify your supervisorNotify your supervisor
  2. Seek medical attention at the nearest emergency medical facility
    • For off campus injuries, call 911
    • oFor For on campus injuries, call FIU Police at 305-348-5911 (MMC) or 305-919-5911 (BBC) 
  3. Contact FIU Workers' Compesnation CoordinatroContact FIU Workers' Compensation Coordinator at 305-348-7960 to schedule any follow-up medical treatment that may be required. Do not seek follow-up treatment without authorization from FIU Workers' Compensation Office
Non-Medical Emergencies:
  1. Non-NNotify your supervisor
  2. IfIf medical treamtIf medical treatment is required, complete the online injury report:
  3. FIU Workers'FIU Workers' Compensation will contact the approved managed care network provided, Amerisys, once the completed form is received
  4. If medical treatment is not required, report the injury to your supervisor and complete the online injury report:
*For more informatio *For more information on the FIU Workers' Compensation Injury Reporting process, click here: t
​    FIU Medical and Allied Health Students:
  1. ​Seek treatment immediately
  2. Follow response and reporting procedures as established by your department for on-campus and off-campus incidents
​     FIU Students (Non-Medical nor Allied Health):

On-campus During Normal Operating Hours:

On-campus After Hours:

  • Call FIU Police at 305-348-5911 (MMC) or 305-919-5911 (BBC)
  • Seek medical treatment at the nearest emergency care center
  • Follow-up with your primary care physician as needed
​      REMEMBER!!!
  1. ​REPORT the injury to your supervisor and to FIU EH&S (  or
  2. FOLLOW BBP post-exposure procedures
  3. OBTAIN all required paperwork from medical provider to file a Workers' Compensation claim and/or incident report (employees)
  4. ALL exposure injures require an incident report
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Page Updated: 9/28/2016