Chemical Hygiene Program
Chemical Hygine Plan Photo.png

The Chemical Hygiene Program is in place to protect any laboratory personnel or visitor from potential harm due to hazardous chemicals and environments in lab spaces. The program consists of many parts, including safety training, policies and procedures, personnel participation, hazard communication, chemical inventory, and more. The Chemical Hygiene Plan (CHP) is the written set of policies and procedures, standards, responsibilities and equipment that protect laboratory personnel from hazards associated with chemicals.  

The CHP replaces the Lab Safety Manual. As such, the Lab Safety Manual should no longer be used or referenced by any FIU lab personnel or visitor. All lab personnel is required to read, understand, and reference the CHP prior to doing any work in a lab space. Any question or concerns about how to proceed with any laboratory setting, including the type of personal protective equipment, training requirements, or signage should reference the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

Please click on the image to the left to access the Chemical Hygiene Plan.

For additional information or clarity on any matter pertaining to the CHP, please contact the Lab Safety Office at 305-348-7835, or 305-348-3387, or you can email​


Page Updated: 7/15/2016