Prevent Barbeque Grill Fires

Barbeque grills also known as "open-fired grills" are typically designed for outdoors use where ventilation is not an issue and combustible are well separated from heat.
In contrast to other types of cooking devices, unattended cooking is not the leading cause of fires involving gas-fueled grills.  Leaving cooking unattended was cited as the cause of 11.7% of structure fires and 2.8% of outdoor fires involving gas-fueled grills.
The leading cause is parts failure: leaks, or breaks, which accounted for 37.1% of structure fires and 60.5% of outdoor fires.images.jpg

Safety Tips:

Use only equipment bearing the mark of an independent testing laboratory, and be sure to follow all manufacturer's instructions regarding operation, set-up, maintenance, and clearance to combustibles.
Grills should never be used in, on, or too near a structure.  This includes balconies, garages, kitchens, or any other location in a structure.  When using grills on decks or patios, be sure to leave sufficient space for siding and eaves.
Check hose integrity and hose connections to ensure there is no release of gas.  Soapy water applied to hoses and connections will easily and safely reveal any leaks.