Building Evacuation Procedure

Florida International University has adopted a "no nonsense" approach to fire alarm response University-wide, and in doing so has instituted internal policies and procedures to support a Zero Tolerance Fire Alarm Response Program.

The continuous visual and audible signaling of the fire alarm system is the evacuation signal for all types of emergencies. All building occupants must respond to activation of the alarm by immediately initiating evacuation procedures, as follows:               

  • Complete internal departmental or class evacuation procedures
  • Follow EXIT signs to the nearest safe exit. Do not use the elevators! All types of footwear that may hamper descent, such as high heels and clogs, should be removed
  • Evacuees should make every effort while not endangering themselves to assure that everyone, including individuals with mobility impairments, have evacuated the area

Note: Evacuation plans for persons with disabilities must be made part of each department’s documented emergency evacuation procedures. Emergency Evacuation for Persons with Physical Disablities high-safety-emergency-evacuation-wheelchair-sign-2893.png

  • Walk down stairs. Do Not Run!
  • As you approach the landing of each floor allow evacuees from that level to enter the stairwell
  • If evacuation becomes difficult because of smoke, flames or blockage, re-enter the building, but first, assure that the floor on which you re-enter is safe. Continue evacuation via the nearest safe stairwell
  • Once you have exited the building proceed to your designated Evacuation Assembly Area
  • Do not re-enter the building unless authorized by a Public Safety Officer, fire department personnel, or until a recognized University authority broadcasts the "All Clear" directive.