​Laboratory Security and Access

In November 2013, a local news station aired an interview from FAU pertaining to lab access and security. There were concerns that anyone could obtain access to the lab areas and the various hazardous materials stored within the areas after hours, which the news team was able to demonstrate during the interview (see the video here): http://www.wptv.com/dpp/news/local_news/investigations/campus-chemistry-lab-security-put-to-the-test

In response, FIU EH&S has prepared several communication strategies to reiterate the importance of lab access and security. You can find more information about lab security and access in the Policy #125.425 Security in Labs with Special Hazards.

Here are some steps you can take to ensure secure labs/hazardous materials storage areas:

  1. Keep the door closed (and locked) if you and your staff are not in the area - even if you are only stepping away for a few minutes
  2. Deactivate keycards and remove SMS access when they are lost/stolen, or when someone no longer works in the area
  3. Be familiar with everyone that has access to your area; All visitors must be escorted by lab staff
  4. Limit access to your lab area to when only you or your staff are present
  5. Establish procedures for reporting and removing unauthorized persons
  6. Designate a responsible person to control access to keys for common use hazardous materials storage areas (i.e. chemical storage rooms)

As part of the EH&S "Create a Culture of Safety" initiative, EH&S will continue to identify and monitor unsecured labs/hazardous materials storage areas, and work with the FIU research and academic lab community to address lab security/access concerns.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please contact EH&S at 305-348-2621. Thank you for continuing to make safety a priority!

Page Updated: 4/19/2016