EHS Assistant & Zero Quantity Sheets
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About EHS Assistant​

EHS Assistant is a new electronic information management system used to assist in the laboratory safety process and provide better service to researchers and laboratory personnel. The immediate benefits of this system to you as a web user will include chemical inventory access to update information on a real-time basis, manage waste pick-up requests and the ability of viewing laboratory results from inspections conducted by EH&S Personnel. Additional features will be provided to the user as needs are identified and evaluated.
  • Lab Inspections — Ability to review inspection history and respond to lab inspection reports via the web based system
  • Chemical Inventory Management — Enter and update chemical inventories
  • Waste Pick-up Requests — Request waste pickups
  • Training History (Coming Soon) — Review safety training records for lab personnel
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Access EHS Assistant By Clicking on the Image to the Right​


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​About Zero Quantity Sheets

The Zero Quantity Sheet will be used to remove chemicals from a PI's chemical inventory once the chemical has been thoroughly absorbed.
  • Please have the Zero Quantity Sheet(s) near the satellite hazardous waste area.
  • EH&S will collect the Zero Quantity Sheet(s) on a weekly basis.
  • Please print a new Zero Quantity Sheet below, once the old sheet(s) has been picked up from your lab. 
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Zero Quantity Sheets

Click the file below to access a new Zero Quantity Sheet.
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How to Use the Zero Quantity Sheet

Learn how to use Zero Quantity Sheets. Click the document below for a step-by-step training.
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​​Lab Barcoding and Chemical Purchasing ​
The Lab Barcoding/Chemical Purchasing SOP will go over general requirements for ordering and picking up chemicals once the order is read.  This guideline will also help in addressing any questions lab personnel may have in regards to proper barcoding.  The lab barcoding and chemical purchasing SOP will go over:
    • General requirements for receiving chemcials
    • Steps for picking up products
    • Emergency barcoding backup procedures
    • FIU research lab supply store
    • Chemical/Supply ordering steps
    • Chemical removal from inventorycy BarSteps for picking up oSteps for pickin Steps for picking up productsSteps for picking up products​​
Research Lab Supply Store News - August 3, 2015


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