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Radiation Safety 

Radiation Safety Standards                                                    safety-sign-radiation.jpg

It is imperative to know the principles and practices of radiation protection before coming in contact withradioactive materials or radiation producing machines. The use of radioactive materials/radiation producing devices requires training, experience and authorization.

The Department of  Environmental Health & Safety provides a course outline and the procedure to become an authorized user under FIU radioactive materials license. FIU researchers may be allowed to use radioactive materials only after they complete training and experience requirements and receive written authorization from the FIU Radiation Control Committee

The laboratory for the use of radioactive materials must also be authorized.

All applications for authorization and purchase of radioactive materials are processed through the FIU Radiation Safety Office. Radioactive materials are received at the Radiation Safety Office and delivered to the labs. Authorized users must maintain accurate inventories and current radiation survey records. All radioactive materials must be kept secure at all times.

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Radioactive Materials Use Record - Rev. 12/2015 (By clicking on link, a new window will open and you will be re-directed to the EHS Forms page; please download the form there.)
Radiation Safety Procedures

Radiation Safety Manual
Procedure to Become Authorized User Under FIU Radioactive Material License​
Meter and Wipe Survey Procedure
Monitoring Requirements