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Industrial Safety Training

Industrial safety courses provide safety information, standards, and guidelines for FIU employees dedicated to the construction, maintenance, and hygiene of the University buildings and grounds. Some courses in this module may also benefit employees in the visual art . 

Industrial Safety 

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Industrial Safety Courses  

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Incident Investigation

This Online Training course illustrates how a single incident could have multiple causes precluding the common "root cause" idea. The course emphasizes the concept that what we see depends on our viewpoint and past experiences, therefore, it becomes essential to explore all accident causes when conducting an investigation.

  • Gathering information
  • Preparation
  • Interviewing witnesses
  • Checking records
  • Determining causes
  • Completing the investigation
  • Real-Life Situation 

Aerial Lifts

Demonstrates proper safety procedures in the use of aerial lift equipment. Demonstrates proper donning procedures for body harnesses & discusses the importance of regular equipment inspection. 

Back Safety

Awareness of the importance of back safety in the workplace is on the rise, as repetitive motion and back injuries plague more than one million U.S. workers every year. Back injury is the cause of one in five workplace injuries or illnesses and one-fourth of all compensation indemnity claims involve back injuries, costing employers billions. Preventing on-the-job back injuries and helping your workers keep their backs safe is a constant effort. Providing your employees with back safety and proper lifting training ? including enforcing and teaching safe lifting techniques, good body mechanics and other methods to avoid back stress and strain ? is an important step in the fight against back injury. 

Bloodbourne Pathogens Awareness

This course covers the fundamentals of bloodborne pathogens exposure control. You will learn the standard precautions that are appropriate for working safely with blood and body fluids; recommended engineering and work practice controls; and the proper use of personal protective devices that prevent exposure.  

Confined Space Entry

This course will help you understand how to identify permit spaces and their hazards, the OSHA permit space program, how an entry permit can keep you safe while you work in confined spaces, and the training and duties of a confined space entry team.

Defensive Driving - Spanish

Este curso de la instrucción es diseñado para ayudar trabajadores entran sin peligro en uno de las actividades más sorprendentemente peligrosas que ellos encaran en el trabajo – conduciendo. Los accidentes del automóvil son la sola causa más grande de muertes por accidente en términos generales, y ellos son la causa primera de muertos en el trabajo en nuestro país. Cada conductor puede beneficiar de la seguridad práctica.

Defensive Driving- 15 Passenger Van

One must not only be aware of their own actions but the actions of others while driving. Receiving the proper defensive driver training and using safe driving practices can reduce the number of fatal accidents. Motor-vehicle incidents are consistently the leading cause of work-related fatalities in the U.S. Coastal is proud to offer a variety of defensive driver safety training programs. These programs cover topics including basic defensive driving techniques, defensive driver training for Government specific employees, driver safety training for winter and defensive driving for emergency responders. Give your 15-passenger van drivers the training they need to operate safely. Fatal rollovers and other accidents involving 15-passenger vans occur because the drivers are inexperienced and untrained. This valuable program provides drivers with important safety tips to help them operate the vans safely, protect passengers and avoid accidents. Available in Spanish.

  • Loading and handling
  • Common causes of rollovers
  • Safety guidelines
  • Buckling up 

 Construction Electrical Safety

This training includes an overview of why electricity is dangerous, how it works and the main hazards. It also explains the best ways to prevent these hazards from occurring.

Environmental Awareness Pt1 - In door Air Quality

Environmental Awareness Part One covers the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) laws and regulations concerning air and water and how they affect the workplace.

Fall Protection

This training includes an overview of conditions that may require fall protection and the protection options available.

  • What type of work requires fall protection?
  • At what height is fall protection required? 

Fire Safety

This course covers the FIU Facility Fire and Other Emergency Evacuation Policy; Building Evacuation Procedures; Information on Fire Extinguishers (types and use); Use of the Evacu-Trac emergency evacuation device and general safety and fire prevention information.


Forklift Certification

This Online Training course explains the fundamentals of forklift safety including a description of the hazards involved with driving a forklift and necessary qualifications for operation. The basic design, capabilities and limitations of forklifts are described as well. Complies with OSHA’s Powered Industrial Truck Standard (1910.178).

  • Certification and training
  • Design, capabilities and limitations
  • Controls and instrumentation
  • Pre-use inspection
  • Operation
  • Stability, conditions and loads
  • Hazards
  • Real-Life Situation 

Forklift Safety - Spanish

Este curso en línea de la Instrucción es diseñado para permitir el conductor avanzado de carretilla elevadora para saltar las secciones que cubren áreas donde su competencia ha sido establecida, al proporcionar el nuevo operario la oportunidad de conseguir todo el conocimiento él o ella necesitan para operar carretillas elevadoras sin peligro. Se conforma con OSHA Enchufó el Estándar Industrial de Camión (1910.178).

  • Introducción a operaciones seguras de carretilla elevadora
  • General que conduce las técnicas
  • Levantando
  • Avanzado conduciendo las técnicas
  • Dejando la carga
  • Aparcando
  • la Situación Auténtica 

Golf Cart Safety

This course is required for all FIU employees and contract employees who operate golf carts. The course covers all policy conditions, the safe operation of golf carts, and the responsibilities of the driver. Participants who complete the class are issued a permit to operate golf carts on University premises. Class Length: 2 ½ hours Minimum Class Size: 10 participants. 

HazCom - In Sync with GHS

This course is required for anyone working in any area on campus where chemicals are used or stored. Are you comfortable that you and your co-workers know enough about the chemicals used in your work area? Take this course and learn the essentials. 

Hazmat Awareness

The Department of Transportation dictates that anyone who ships, transports, handles and/or stores hazardous materials must comply with 49 CFR 171-180. All workers must be trained in various levels of the HazMat transportation process in order to comply with these DOT regulations. This ClarityNet Online Training course will help you ensure that employees understand the DOT regulations and help you complete and document mandatory training requirements.

  • Hazardous materials regulations
  • Definitions, terms and requirements
  • Specific requirements and exceptions
  • Emergency response information
  • Placarding and labeling
  • Shipping papers
  • Real-Life Situation 

Hazwoper Awareness

This training program will teach you the fundamentals of emergency response involving hazardous materials, identifying and reviewing the guidelines and responsibilities of a “First Responder” in a real life situation.

HIPPA - Privacy Compliance

This Online Training course will help you comply with HIPAA's Privacy Rule – the first comprehensive federal protection guidelines for the privacy of health information. Your staff will learn the importance of protecting patient privacy and confidentiality under HIPAA's Privacy Rule.

  • What is Protected Health Information
  • Use and disclosure of protected health information
  • Consent and authorization
  • Patient rights
  • Administrative requirements
  • Compliance
  • Developing a HIPAA attitude.

Job Safety Analysis: Pro-Active Planning

Job Safety Analysis is a way of planning ahead, a way to spot problems before they become accidents. An effective JSA focuses only on those steps that create a hazard to the safety or health of personnel. This program is designed to help you and your employees learn to prepare a Job Safety Analysis. Length 12:00. 

Ladder Safety - (Available in Spanish)

This training includes an overview of Do's and Dont's for ladder use . It also provides protective measures that may be used while working with a ladder. Ladder Safety Training covers topics related to working safely on ladders. The training will cover:

  • Portable ladders
  • Fixed ladders
  • Ladder maintenance
  • Ladder selection
  • Ladder placement
  • Ladder care and use 

Lock-out/Tag-out (Available in spanish)

Lockout Tagout explains the OSHA six-step procedure

Machine Guarding

Each year workers lose fingers, hands and arms; some even die because a machine was never safeguarded - or because the guard was removed for convenience. There are as many possible dangers as there are machines. That's why your employees must understand and use their first and best form of protection, machine safeguarding. Topics in this Online Training Course include:

  • Catagories and types of machine guarding
  • Importance of safeguarding
  • Places where most machine hazards occur
  • Safety control devices

Material Handling

This training covers the safe handling, storing, and disposal of materials using manual and machine lifting (e.g. forklifts, cranes, and slings).

Oxyfuel Gas Cutting - The Sure Cut

Preventing spark and spatter when performing oxyfuel gas cutting is essential for the welder's safety. This video program details proper safety procedures for oxyfuel gas cutting. Length 13:00

  • Proper safety equipment
  • Hook-up procedure
  • Ventilation 

Personal Protective Equipment

Using the correct personal protective equipment is essential for workplace and laboratory safety. This course focuses on the fundamentals of PPE. Topics to be discussed include types of PPE, how to choose the right PPE for a given job, proper use, limitations and emergency procedures. 

Construction Power Tool Safety

This program focuses on three rules of power tool safety:

  • Avoid: Learn the situations you should avoid and how to spot them before you get hurt.
  • Protect: Take steps to protect yourself from hazards before you begin any job.
  • Defend: Learn to expect the unexpected so you know what to do when things go wrong It also examines basic do's and don'ts for the power tools you're likely to use most often. 

Safety Orientation - On Alert

This course includes general guidelines for workplace safety and worker protection, as well as a special module that addresses safety information on topics for specific workplace settings. This Introduce a new form of training that allows you to choose the new-hire training program that best meets the needs of your facility! Two DVD versions are available; one contains 8 segments and the other contains 15 segments of core compliance training. Choose the version that best fits your needs. 

Slips, Trips & Falls

This Online Training Course focuses on controlling small spills and leaks. It covers the essential procedures all employees should know if a leak should occur on their shift. Topics include:

  • Supervisor notification
  • Securing the area
  • PPE
  • Controlling and containing the spill
  • Cleanup/decontamination 

Small Spills and Leaks

This course is designed to help students understand the basic concepts of safely handling a small spill or leak, including the six primary steps involved.

Construction Ladder Safety

This course explains in detail that slips, trips and falls can be a major cause of injuries and suggests preventative measures you can take to keep your work site safe. 

Workplace Violence

Homicide is now the second-leading cause of work-related deaths in the United States – number one for women. This important online training course is designed to help supervisors and employees identify the warning signs of workplace violence in order to prevent it from occurring. The course will help teach managers how to implement a Violence Prevention Program and to develop policies and procedures for handling threats and incidents of violence. Produced by Coastal.

  • Understanding workplace violence
  • Sources and forms of violence
  • Causes of violence
  • Warning signs
  • Preventing workplace violence
  • Recognizing and reporting threats
  • Stress management
  • Conflict resolution
  • Personal safety tips
  • Designing a management response
  • Violence Prevention Program
  • Needs assessment
  • Policies and procedures
  • Handling threats and incidents