Laboratory Safety Training


The most important element of the Florida International University Laboratory Safety Program is hazard awareness. Individuals who are knowledgeable and properly trained are better able to identify and minimize hazards and unhealthful exposures for themselves and others. Each laboratory worker is responsible and accountable to assure that he or she has the right safety information to work safely in a laboratory environment.


EH&S Subject Matter Experts (SME) have identified courses that are essential, thus mandatory prior to starting work, according to the nature of laboratory work and potential hazards. Below is the list of required courses and the frequency in which they need to be completed. Please see which courses fall under your category of work, and click the following links to register and complete trainings:
It is HIGHLY RECOMMENDED that first time users access the training instructions prior to accessing the online training website.
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Core Training
- ALL LABS, Regardless of Specialty Area

​Laboratory Hazard Awareness
HazCom: In Sync with GHS
Fire Safety

​2 Years
2 Years
2 Years
- Including Nanoparticles
Core Training Courses (see above)
Environmental Awareness Part 1 & 2
Small Spills and Leaks
EPA Hazardous Waste Awareness & Handling
Personal Protective Equipment: Laboratory
Safe Use of Fume Hood

1 Year
1 Year
1 Year
2 Years
2 Years
Human Tissues, Cell Lines, Liquids or Infectious Agents

​Core Training and Chemicals Courses (see above)

Blood-borne Pathogens

Safe Use of Biosafety Cabinets

Safe Handling of Biomedical Waste


1 Year

3 Years

1 Year

Research Animals

​Core Training and Chemicals Courses (see above)

Animal Care Safety


3 Years


​Core Training and Chemicas Courses (see above)

Laser Safety


3 Years

Radioactive Materials/Equipment
- Please contact Dr. Surendra Dua to arrange
Radiation Safety Trainings 305-348-0489

​Core Training and Chemical Courses (see above)

Radiation Safety - Pt. 1 Online

Radiation Safety - Pt. 2 Hands-on

3 Years

3 Years

VERY IMPORTANT: Additional trainings may be required if the work environment, equipment, or materials used warrant special training (i.e. Respirators, Compressed Gases, Needlesticks, etc). Please contact EH&S's Lab Safety Team at 305-348-3387 for more information. ​ ​


Waste Disposal Contact numbers:

Chemical Waste       305-348-2622

Biohazardous Waste 305-348-3387

Radioactive Waste   305-348-0489

Page Updated: 8/24/2017