Zika Information

The Zika Virus has been a global concern lately, and in recent months, has made its way to select parts of South Florida. Although reported cases of infection are extremely low and remain rare, Florida International University takes the threat seriously and is being proactive in its approach to preventing members of the community, especially its students, faculty and staff, from exposure by raising awareness.

At this moment, FIU is not aware of any member of the University community being personally impacted by Zika. In order for the community to remain vigiliant against Zika, FIU urges each community member to use the following resources to educate yourself and stay informed:

​ ​
Center For Disease Control (CDC)

General information pertaining to Zika.

*New Update* - Transmission risk through blood and tissue supply

​Miami-Dade County
- Mayor Gimenez statement release about Zika and preventive actions to take.
click here
- Information pertaining to current mosquito control techniques being used by Miami-Dade.

US Environmental Protection Agency(EPA)

- Information pertaining to the practice of controlling mosquito populations.
- ​Information pertaining to agents being used to control mosquito populations.

FIU's Department of Emergency Management (DEM)

​Information pertaining to FIU community Zika awareness resources

For detailed information pertaining to the two most commonly used insecticides (Naled and BTI) for mosquito prevention and larva control, click on the right:

​- Naled (Safety Data Sheet)
Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis (BTI)

For official communications from the University, please click on the documents to the right:
FIU Zika Announcement - 2016.08.19.pdfFIU Zika Announcement - 2016.08.19.pdf

FIU's Student Affairs Department created a handy, quick-reference flyer to address Zika. You can download the flyer by clicking on the image to the right: 

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Page Updated: 4/18/2017