Laboratory Safety​ ​
The EH&S Laboratory Safety Program (LSP) provides safety and compliance support and services to the FIU research and academic lab community. The overall goal of the LSP is to assist researchers, lab managers, and supporting lab staff in establishing a safe work environment, and maintaining compliance with all local, state, and federal regulations.
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The LSP is managed by a team of professionals (Laboratory Safety Team - LST) with expertise in each of the areas listed below. The LST provides guidance and oversight to research staff in the following areas:

  • use, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials
  • research proposal safety reviews
  • hazard assessments
  • lab equipment certifications
  • development of specific laboratory safety programs
  • new lab walkthroughs/consultaions
  • special hazard materials/equipment approvals​

For more information on the LSP, please contact the Lab Safety Team members, or send an email to, SUBJECT: Lab Safety.

Team Members' Contact Information
Tamece Knowles
Biosafety, General Lab Safety,
Indoor Air Quality, Ergonomics
Tel: 305-348-3387
Gina Oubrar 
Chemical and BioSafety
Tel: 305-348-6849

Victoria Leyland
​Laboratory Safety Technician
Tel: 305-348-1331

Dr. Surendra Dua
Radiation, Laser, Controlled Substances, Nanoparticles
Tel: 305-348-0489
Michael Rupinski
​Environmental Compliance Officer
Tel: 305-348-2622
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Documents                                                      Links             
EHS-DOC601.01 - Hurricane Preparedness Guidelines for Lab Areas - 8.2016.pdf OSHA Lab Safety Standard - Click Here
EHS-DOC602.03a - Dry Ice Usage Guidelines.pdf

EHS-DOC602.03b - Dry Ice Safety Quick Guide.pdf
EHS-DOC606.00 - Lab Glassware Disposal Guidelines.pdf

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