Industrial work is labeled as such when the work place includes an environment, machinery, elements, or chemicals that increase the risk of injury and death. From art studios to research labs, industrial safety is an important part of many learning and work environments at the university. Learn about best practices and guidelines for operating equipment and working within a variety of industrial settings.

For hot work related information, please visit the fire safety page.

General Safety Self-Audit

The General Safety Self-Audit (GSSA) is a self-inspection program for FIU's departments performing industrial and general works. The GSSA has been created to help you identify and correct unsafe conditions. Additionally, it provides information about environmental, health, and safety risk levels present in the workplace, and will be available annually through an online survey. 

This program supports FIU's departments by:

  • Promoting FIU's community safety culture.
  • Ensuring workplaces and activities follow local, state, and federal safety regulations for each specific work area. 
  • Identify existing or potentially hazardous conditions in the workplace. 
  • Recommend corrective actions to prevent incidents, illnesses, and injuries.
  • Listen to the safety concerns of workers and supervisors.
  • Monitor hazard controls.

The GSSA will be used, in conjunction with EH&S's on-site inspections, to ensure safer environments, compliance with local, state, and federal safety regulations, implement corrective actions, and help personnel to improve and implement safe work practices and procedures. 

Access to the GSSA will be restricted to managers and supervisors. An introductory email will be sent and the link to complete the GSSA will be included. Managers and supervisors can select an alternate to complete and submit the GSSA on their behalf. 

GSSA Resources

Please read the latest communication pertaining to the 2023 GSSA launch.

  • New Resources for 2023

    • Unsure if you need to conduct the Laboratory Self Audit (LSA) or the General Safety Self Audit (GSSA)? There are a few factors that determine which self-audit you are required to complete. To ease the process, EH&S has created a straightforward survey designed to quickly inform you if you are required to complete the LSA or the GSSA. The survey takes less than 2 minutes to complete and will have a maximum of three questions. Click here to get started.

  • GSSA Preview - PDF copy of the online survey. This preview shows all questions, explanations, answer choices, conditional triggers, and references of local, state, and federal safety regulations.
    NOTE: This is not the official GSSA. Do not submit to EH&S for review. 

  • GSSA Checklist - Shows a summarized form of the General Safety Self Audit. This format can be used when performing safety walkthroughs, and to identify areas where improvement is needed.

  • General Safety Self-Audit - The 2023 General Safety Self-Audit is no longer available. 
    • Closed

Hot Work

Hot work includes any activities that involve welding, cutting, soldering, or brazing, usually involving the use of portable gas or arc welding equipment. These activities introduce significant fire hazards, so it’s important to ensure that all appropriate safety procedures are followed and that all permits are filed. In addition to collecting important information, the Hot Work Permit also includes a step-by-step safety checklist: