The EH&S Laboratory Safety program helps researchers, lab managers, and supporting lab staff establish a safe work environment and maintain compliance with all local, state and federal regulations.

The program is managed by a team of skilled professionals that provide guidance and oversight to research staff in the following areas:

  • Use, storage, and disposal of hazardous materials
  • Research proposal safety reviews
  • Hazard assessments
  • Lab equipment certifications
  • Development of specific laboratory safety programs
  • New lab walkthroughs/consultations
  • Special hazard materials/equipment approvals

For more information, please contact the Lab Safety Team members or send an email to

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Lab Signage

The EH&S Emergency Signage Program is a mandatory initiative that ensures FIU is compliant with the GHS, NFPA, and Hazard Communication regulatory requirements. The signage displays a primary and alternate contact for the space, special hazard pictograms, GHS pictograms, PPE pictograms, and important emergency numbers.

Please follow this link to access the online Qualtrics survey. Once you have completed the survey, EH&S will generate the signage and deliver it to your area.

NOTE: One sign per lab space. You cannot combine two (or more) lab spaces into one sign. All new signage must be posted on each entry doorway to the lab space (Do not post on walls). EH&S will provide a page protector for posting, if needed. For shared open lab spaces, the signage must be placed on the main doors. This signage replaces all "old/outdated" EH&S signage previously installed.

Sample Lab Signage

Lab Self-Audit

The Lab Self-Audit (LSA) is a mandatory self-inspection program for FIU's laboratory community intended to cultivate a proactive approach to safety and regulatory compliance in all laboratory working environments. Conducted annually through an online survey, this program supports the lab community by:

  • Promoting individual accountability for safety and regulatory compliance
  • Encouraging a proactive approach to environmental health and safety issues
  • Facilitating a better understanding of regulatory compliance
  • Reducing lab-related incidents/injuries/violations/fines through encouraging effective communication and training

​The LSA survey is designed to identify safety and compliance concerns, and suggesting corrective actions. Submissions are reviewed by EH&S to verify whether safety equipment, standards, and practices are in place as required by governing regulatory agencies and institutional policies.

The LSA will be used in conjunction with the EH&S annual inspections to identify compliance concerns/deficiencies and allows EH&S to assist in implementing corrective actions by educating the lab users on best laboratory practices and procedures.

IMPORTANT: Non-employees (students, volunteers, interns, etc.) shall NOT fill out the LSA. The LSA is strictly intended to be completed by FIU paid employees (staff, faculty, etc.).

If you are a student, who also works part-time/full-time, and you are authorized by the primary to complete the LSA, put your title as what is assigned in your lab space. Do not put "Student" as a title.

LSA Resources

Please read the latest communication pertaining to the 2022 LSA launch. Direct all LSA inquiries to

  • New Resources for 2022 Please review either guide PRIOR to starting your 2022 LSA
  • LSA Preview – A PDF copy of the online survey, showing all questions, explanations, choices, and conditional triggers.
    • Please note: This is NOT the official Lab Self-Audit. Please do not submit to EH&S for review. 
  • LSA Checklist - Shows condensed questions in an inspection checklist style for quick safety walkthroughs. Use this prior to commencing the LSA or throughout the year to ensure compliance.
  • Lab Self-Audit - The 2022 LSA is closed.  
    • Currently closed 

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