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Environmental Health & Safety stays up to do date to ensure that you get the latest safety and environmental compliance information. Check here for the newest alerts.


  • Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) - March 2020
    As the Coronavirus remains a global concern, FIU EH&S wants to ensure you are getting the most up-to-date information about the virus, and how to take measures to prevent the spread of it. 

    For the latest national information on the Coronavirus, please refer to or the Center For Disease Control's Website.
    For the latest information specific to Florida, please refer to Florida's Department of Health Website.
    For the latest updates pertaining to FIU, please refer to FIU's Website.
  • FIU Staff - Do You Know What Lockout/Tagout (LOTO) Is? Are You Affected By It In Your Workspace?

    Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) launched an updated version of the “Lockout and Tagout” or “LOTO” Program. “LOTO” applies to operations where the unexpected energization of the machine or equipment could cause an injury to employee(s). This program provides safe work practices to effectively control the energy sources of equipment while performing maintenance operations.

    Please refer to this memo for more information on how this program may affect your area(s).

    If the LOTO program impacts you or your employee(s), or you are unsure, please take this brief survey. This will help EH&S identify if you need additional support.
    NOTEThe survey will not take more than a minute to complete.

You can find historical EH&S events and campaigns in the section below.


  • 2020 Lab Safety Virtual Seminars - Oct. 21 & 28, Nov. 4, 10, & 18

    EH&S is happy to announce four, 1-hour, virtual lab safety seminars for FIU staff and students. We invite you to join us for as many sessions as possible! 

    The topics covered vary with each session. Here are the dates and topics:

    October 21 - EH&S & Fisher Scientific discuss chemical safety
    October 28 - Environmental & general safety 
    November 4 - Laboratory safety topics relating to the lab self-audit, hazardous waste, biosafety, radiationa and laser safety
    November 10 - EH&S website, trainings, and fire safety
    November 18 - Safety questions and Lab Self-Audit Program

    You will receive 1 hour of CEU's for each session you attend. Please let us know you will be attending by going to our training calendar and RSVPing. 

  • Online Training Transition From Moodle to FIU Develop - June 15, 2020

    Update: The transition will now take place on July 31. Please continue to complete training on Moodle and download/save your certificates from now until July 31.

    We are excited to announce that as of July 31, the courses previously found in Moodle will have a new home, FIU Develop.  

    FIU Develop is the new home for online professional development at the University.  To access FIU Develop, visit and search for your course of interest.  

    If you have previously completed coursework or certificates in Moodle, please take this opportunity to download those certificates prior to the July 31 transition. 

    To learn more about FIU Develop, visit 

  • EH&S Limited Services Notice - March 16, 2020
    Starting today, and until further notice, EH&S services will be limited due to FIU's transition to a telework (remote working) schedule. If you require immediate or in-person assistance, please contact Tamece Knowles (Director), Enrique Badia (Assistant Director), or Gina Oubrar (Assistant Director).

    For all on-campus emergencies, contact FIU Police immediately at 305-348-5911, or 7-5911 from an FIU land line.
  • Treasure Your Health & Wealth Fair - March 6, 2020
    EH&S, along with other FIU departments and organizations, will be participating in the Panthers Active Wellness Services' (PAWS) Treasure You Health & Wellness Fair on March 6. The event will take place from 9:00 am - 2:00 pm in the Graham Center Ballrooms and will feature games, giveaways, workshops, and much more! 

    For full event details, click here.
  • Upcoming EH&S Lab Safety Seminars & Roundtables! - October 3 & 8, 2019

    In case you have been unable to participate in the latest laboratory roundtable events, you still have one more chance to attend the October 3rd session! It will be hosted in BBC and will include a polycom broadcast. For more information and to RSVP, go here.

    Additionally, we will be hosting a Biosafety Seminar on October 8th! Along with your EH&S partners, guest speakers from Steris and Triumvirate will be offering a wealth of safety information and tips pertaining to hazardous waste, autoclaving, spills and more! For more information and to RSVP, go here.

  • Hurricane Dorian Preparedness Information - August 29, 2019

    As the University readies itself for Hurricane Dorian's potential impact on South Florida, EH&S wants you and your workspace to be fully prepared for any outcome. 

    Please use and follow the resources and information listed below:


    • FIU Alert System Sign-up
    • Miami-Dade County's Hurricane Guide 
    • National Hurricane Center 
    • Monitor FIU email for updates about the storm and University operations
    • If possible, cover computers and other electronics with plastic or water repellent materials
    • Remove items from the floor, especially first floor offices and labs
    • Ensure computer files/documents are being stored/backed-up in your FIU OneDrive, not your desktop
    • No sheltering allowed in unauthorized FIU locations, such as laboratories, offices, etc. 


  • EH&S Lab Safety Seminar: Engineering Center - August 27, 2019

    EH&S is bringing its roundtable safety series to the Engineering Center!

    Multiple EH&S personnel will be presenting and answering questions in the following areas:
    1. EH&S webpage and forms
    2. Lab self-audit
    3. Chemical safety
    4. Radiation and laser safety
    5. Fire safety
    6. Electrical/industrial safety

    For full event details and to RSVP, including how to join in with Zoom, please click here.

  • EH&S Laboratory Safety Seminar - June 12

    EH&S is teaming up again with Fisher Scientific, Triumvirate, Brady, and TEL to host a Laboratory Safety Seminar.

    Topics will include: Fumehood Use; General Laboratory Safety Practices; Spill Kits; EHS Training and Website.

    Please RSVP by clicking here, and in the new page, click on the "I'm Interested" button. Use your FIU Employee ID to RSVP. For more information about the event, please contact Gina Oubrar at 348-6849 or  

    Refreshments will be provided. 

    Polycom will be available at BBC in MSB 362.

  • March 22nd - World Water Day!
    World Water Day is March 22, 2019 (Friday)! EH&S & other University departments and programs will be supporting the Office of Sustainability with their awareness event. It will be taking place at the GC Fountain, from 11:00 am - 2:00 pm. 

    See the flyer for complete details, and please, come out and enjoy the day with all of us. There will be plenty to learn about our most precious resource, water!
  • Lab Self-Audit Launch - August 15, 2018 - NOW LIVE!

    Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is kick starting the 2018 Laboratory Self-Audit (LSA) to continue to promote awareness of safety and regulatory compliance for the FIU laboratory community. EH&S is very appreciative of all participants that contributed to the success of the 2017 LSA. 

    NEW!! The LSA Summary Reports for 2016 and 2017 are now available for review. Visit the Lab Safety Webpage to access the reports. 

    The 2018 LSA is mandatory for all FIU research and academic laboratories to submit. Completion of the LSA fulfills the FIU EH&S requirement for the Annual Safety Inspections. NOTE: this does not include Special Hazard Compliance Inspections. 

    The 2018 LSA will commence on August 15th and conclude on November 30th, 2018. The LSA Preview will be made available August 13th, 2018 & the links for the LSA Survey and the LSA feedback survey will only work during the scheduled time frame. 

    For more information on the 2018 LSA (general information, changes to the format, etc.), please refer to the memo. If you have any questions about the LSA, please contact Tamece Knowles ( or 348-3387) or Victoria Leyland ( or 348-1331).
  • Biosafety Seminar - A Laboratory Safety Seminar Series Event - October 18, 2018

    EH&S is teaming up with Fisher Scientific, Medrep, and Health Environmental Services (HES) to host the EH&S Biosafety Seminar.

    In recognition of National Biosafety Month, the National Institute of Health (NIH) is encouraging institutions to focus their efforts on sustaining and enhancing a culture of safety and responsibility in life science research laboratories. EH&S will provide information and resources focusing on biosafety procedures, policies and safe practices. In addition, those who attend will earn 2.0 hours towards professional development/continuing education.

    For full event details and RSVP information, please click here

    If you encounter any issues with the calendar or reservation, please contact the Safety Education Office at 305-348-1421.

  • Fire Prevention Week: October 7 - 13, 2018

    Fire Prevention Week is in full swing and we want you to come by one of our events to learn about fire safety, prevention, and response!

  • EH&S Lab Safety Roundtable #1 - September 11, 2018

    The Department of Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S) is hosting the 2018 Lab Safety Roundtable on September 11th, 2018 from 10 AM to 12 PM in WC 130. EH&S will provide information on upcoming programs, safety initiatives, and regulatory changes that impact your areas.

    This roundtable presents a great opportunity to:

    • Help EH&S continue to improve the culture of safety at FIU
    • Ask questions and voice your safety and compliance concerns
    • Meet the FIU EH&S Team 

    Target Audience:

    We request that all PIs and Lab Managers be present for this session. Lab Staff, Graduate Students, Interns or any individual that works in a lab space AND is familiar with lab procedures, processes, compliance, and safety issues should also attend.

    Please RVSP by clicking the link below, selecting the “I’m Interested” button, and logging in with your FIU credentials. For more information about the event, please contact Tamece Knowles at 348-3387 or Polycom will be available for BBC attendees. 

    Feel free to share the event invite with others. We look forward to seeing you there!!!

    To RSVP, click here:

    If you encounter any issues with the calendar or reservation, please contact the Safety Education Office at 348-1421.

  • Bites & Stings - Summer 2018

    With the summer months in full swing, the risk of bites and stings increases with outdoor activities.  EH&S wants you to be aware of these potential threats and be safe while enjoying the beautiful South Florida summers!

    Please feel free to print or download this guideline to preventing bites and stings

  • Mosquitoes and Zika - 2016 to Present

    Mosquitoes and Zika 

    As the summer months roll on in South Florida, so does the rainy season. During the rainy season, mosquito populations increase, along with the risk of mosquito-borne disease transmission.

    The Zika Virus has been a global concern, and in the past few years, has made its way to South Florida. Although reported cases of infection are extremely low and remain rare, Florida International University takes the threat seriously and is being proactive in its approach to preventing members of the community, especially its students, faculty and staff, from exposure by raising awareness.

    At this moment, FIU is not aware of any member of the University community being personally impacted by Zika. In order for the community to remain vigilant against Zika, and other mosquito-borne diseases, FIU urges each community member to use the following resources to educate yourself and stay informed:

    Center For Disease Control (CDC)

    General information pertaining to Zika 

    Miami-Dade County

    Information pertaining to current mosquito control techniques being used by Miami-Dade 

    US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)

    Information pertaining to the practice of controlling mosquito populations

    FIU's Department of Emergency Management (DEM)

    Information pertaining to FIU community Zika awareness resources

    Commonly Used Pesticides


    Bacillus Thuringiensis Israelensis (BTI)