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Controlled substances are specific materials regulated by the United States Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), and are used for research and instructional purposes at the university. These substances and their possession are regulated to ensure safety and prevent the potential for abuse.

Controlled Substances Use

The use of controlled substances must be approved by the FIU Controlled Substances Committee under the oversight of the EH&S Controlled Substances Officer. If you intend to use controlled substances for research or clinical activities, please refer to section 6.0 of the Controlled Substances Safety Manual. Submit the required documents to the Controlled Substances Officer for review and approval by the FIU Controlled Substances Committee.

For more information about the EH&S Controlled Substances Program, or to request an inspection of your facility for controlled substances use/storage, please contact the Lab Safety Office at 305-348-2621 or, SUBJECT: Controlled Substances Compliance.