Protective Glove Program

The Protective Glove Program developed guidelines to advise and educate all laboratory occupants on the proper selection, use and disposal of gloves when handling hazardous chemicals, biological agents, and radiological sources.

The topics covered in the guideline include:

  • Selecting of Protective Gloves: Assist in choosing the proper type of glove to be worn when handling specific hazardous materials.
  • One Glove Rule: Safely transporting hazardous materials through common areas.
  • Glove Use in the Laboratory: General safety guidelines for glove usage.
  • Glove Disposal: Guidelines of how to dispose of contaminated and non-contaminated gloves.

Protective Glove Guidelines

For additional information or clarity on any matter pertaining to the Protective Glove Program, please contact the Lab Safety Office at 305-348-6849, or 305-348-3387, or email at