Safety education and training are the means by which FIU ensures that employees, students and volunteers have the knowledge and skills they need to perform tasks safely and in a safe environment. This safety training provides a convenient and cost effective means by which FIU personnel will be able to satisfy safety training requirements associated with their work tasks and environment. 

EH&S delivers safety training through various channels. They include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Online
  • Classroom
  • Hybrid
  • Safety Talks and Special Events

We encourage all employees to take full advantage of these safety education resources and to suggest any additional courses or programs that may be important to prevent and reduce workplace accidents and injuries. ​

Online Safety Training Library Changes

There are important changes coming to EH&S's online safety training library. Please refer to our "Announcements" page for full details.

Online Training

Courses which can be completed via FIU Develop. Individuals can learn at a pace they are comfortable with.

Classroom (Instructor-Led) Training      ​

Courses which require face-to-face interaction. This includes any training that requires a practical exam, task competency with instructor supervision, or is agency/legally mandated.

Hybrid Training

Combines online and classroom portions to complete a training course. This minimizes the time individuals must dedicate to sitting in a classroom, while allowing portions of the course to be learned at the individual's pace. 

Safety Talks & Special Events

​Informal means of delivering safety information and trainings. These can include interactive case studies during lunch or after work hours, tabling events or as a larger event with multiple departments and agencies participating.