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This month's Safety Shoutout goes to Maria Rojas! Maria is a laboratory manager for the Biology Department and has been with FIU for over 29 years! Maria oversees the operations, safety, and security in Biology Academic laboratories. She has been a constant resource for EH&S, always quick to answer questions, report concerns, and attend safety seminars. With the help of her team, Maria ensures all teaching labs under her responsibility are in compliance with safety standards. She manages the proper handling and disposal of chemical and biological waste, provides orientation to new hires on proper use of PPE, handling of chemicals and biological organisms, as well as the use of various equipment in the lab, which helps prevent injuries, spills, or other incidences. She ensures all staff complete required EH&S and other laboratory trainings, in addition to following up with their recertifications. She evaluates the Satellite Accumulation Areas for compliance with proper labeling, collection containers, secondary containment, and that pick-up requests are submitted as soon as a container is full. Maria Rojas also advises laboratory teaching assistants and adjuncts on waste management, minimizing waste produced in their teaching labs, as well as raising awareness of potential risks. She is an advocate of the 3Rs (reduce, reuse, recycle) to mitigate a negative impact in the environment, incorporate recycling in the department, and maintain an accurate chemical inventory to reduce unnecessary purchases. Maria Rojas stated: "What I enjoy most about my job is the interactions with students, staff, and TAs and how my over 35 years of experience and training can contribute to their future, hoping that I am able to make at least a small positive impact improving the way they do their jobs and care for this planet." To learn more about Maria Rojas, click the "Maria Rojas" button. To nominate someone for a Safety Shoutout, click the "Nominate" button.

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