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The laser safety program ensures that lasers are used responsibly and safely in academic, research, and clinical settings. The acquisition and use of laser devices requires EH&S approval, specific training, experience, and proper personnel protective equipment and containment. Everyone has a role to play:

  • EH&S provides online laser safety training
  • The principal investigators provide hands-on training appropriate to the level of hazard to the laser operators under their supervision
  • EH&S authorizes eye examination
  • The Principal investigator makes arrangement to pay for the optometrist's eye examination charges
  • Individual staff members schedule and complete their eye exam 

Laser Use

In order to be authorized for laser use at FIU, the following requirements must be met and maintained

  • The purchase and acquisition of all laser devices must be authorized by the Laser Safety Officer (LSO) prior to purchase. All Class 3B and Class 4 laser devices must be registered with the Florida Department of Health through the LSO (this includes embedded class 3B and 4 lasers).
  • Prior to approval, the space for use must be evaluated by the LSO to ensure proper containment and signage. If you are interested in purchasing a Laser or would like to request an evaluation of your space, please send an email to, SUBJECT: Laser Approval.
  • Completion of required online and hands-on training for laser use
  • Eye examinations for use of protective eye wear. To request authorization for an eye examination, send an email to, SUBJECT: Eye Exam for Laser Use

For additional information, please contact the Lab Safety Office at 305-348-6625 or refer to the EH&S Laser Safety Manual.