Fire Extinguishers

Where to Find Fire Extinguishers

Fire Extinguishers are readily available to all building occupants in the event of a fire; the units are mounted in a cabinet or on a bracket and are clearly labeled to make their locations easy to identify. 

EH&S conducts monthly fire extinguisher inspections and coordinates the annual recertifications, six-year maintenance, and hydrostatic testing for the fire extinguishers. EH&S also ensures the units are in good working condition and available for use. 

Please contact EH&S:

  • To request an assessment in your area to ensure the type and amounts of extinguishers are adequate.
  • To replace the existing fire extinguisher because:
    • The unit has been discharged (extinguishers must be replaced when they have been activated, regardless of how much of the extinguishing agent was used)
    • The pressure is too low or high (outside the green zone)
    • The extinguisher is missing
    • The mount is missing
    • The extinguisher is damaged (dented, broken, pieces detached, etc.)
    • The extinguisher is expired
    • The type of extinguisher is incorrect

Request an Assessment/Replacement Here or send an email to 

Using a Fire Extinguisher

EH&S offers Fire Safety & Extinguisher Use training that incorporates an in-class session followed by a hands-on session. Participants will gain an understanding of the combustion process, different classes of fire, types of fire extinguishers, fire extinguisher operating procedures, evacuation procedures, and basic firefighting concepts (R.A.C.E., P.A.S.S.). Please note, the hands-on portion does involve the use of a live fire, via a fire simulator, to practice extinguishing. It is 100% safe and fun! 


For more information regarding the Fire Safety & Extinguisher Training, or if you prefer to simply complete our online Fire Safety Training (does not include a "hands-only"/hybrid portion), please visit our training page.