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Report Your Near Misses!

Near Misses (also known as a "close call", "narrow escape", "near collision", or "near hit") are events that could have resulted in injury, damage or illness, but did not. Near misses present an opportunity to learn lessons, prevent future incidents, and promote awareness. EH&S encourages everyone to share their near misses to help keep FIU safe! Need more information about near miss reporting? Click option 1; I'm ready to report! Click option 2.

Your Partner in Environmental and Safety Management

The mission of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) is to support and guide the university community in protecting our people, environment and property while assuring regulatory compliance. These programs are designed to provide value-added services with a customer-oriented, educational and collaborative approach for all students, faculty, staff and visitors to better live, learn, teach, work and visit a safe, environmentally friendly campus.

Safety Programs

EH&S supports a range of safety programs that protect our community and our environment and support our university's functions.


To ensure that members of the FIU community are equipped with the knowledge and skills to operate safely, EH&S offers a variety of training options.

Report a Concern

See a potential hazard or have a concern to share with our department? Do your part to keep FIU safe by reporting the issue to EH&S.