Radioactive Materials, Sources and X-ray Devices

Ionizing Radiation Safety

At FIU, radioactive chemical materials, sealed radioactive sources, radioactive check sources, and x-ray generating devices all emit ionizing radiation and are regulated by the Bureau of Radiation Control (BoRC) under the State of Florida’s Dept. of Health.  The BoRC has approved following documents which in turn regulate all sources of ionizing radiation at FIU: a Radiation Safety Program; a Radiation Safety Plan and a Broad Radioactive Materials License.

The use of material or devices that emit ionizing radiation requires training, experience and authorization. FIU’s Radiation Safety Plan has procedure for FIU personnel to become authorized users of either radioactive materials or of x-ray devices. This procedure includes: the Principal Investigator (PI) submitting a written protocol and a CV to the Radiation Control Committee for approval of both the protocol and the request to become an Authorized User (either of radioactive materials or X-ray Devices).

FIU researchers can use radioactive materials only after they complete training and experience requirements. A protocol from an Authorized User specifies exact location (lab or labs), the ionizing radiation source (radioisotopes or model of x-ray device) and all operations, maintenance that involves the radioactive material or the x-ray device.

All applications for authorization and purchase of radioactive materials are processed through the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO). Radioactive materials are received at the CSC building, Room 162 and the RSO delivers them to the authorized labs. Authorized Users must maintain accurate records (purchases, use, waste disposal, survey of radiation field outside x-ray devices, etc.  These requirements are defined in the protocol approved by the RCC. The RSO audits all radioactive material labs every 3 months and every lab with an x-ray device every 6 months. FIU runs a dosimetry program for those exposed to potential ionizing radiation in the lab.