Classroom Training

Classroom (Instructor-Led) Training

Classroom training, or Instructor-led training, serve to provide face-to-face instruction in various courses. Instructor-led courses are important, and often times required, for courses needing practical use of safety equipment and instruments. They are also beneficial to departments and programs requiring training for large groups, individuals with minimal computer access and/or those wanting real-time subject matter expert guidance.

Many (not all) of our instructor-led courses are offered as online courses as well. However, If you wish to receive instructor-led training, please reference the training calendar to view upcoming safety training courses available.



  • Faculty, Staff, Students, and Volunteers
    1. Click on one of the course session tiles above
    2. Click "Register" or "I'm Interested"
    3. Follow registration instructions

    You can also:

    1. Visit
    2. Use the "Search the Calendar" tool and search for "Environmental Health & Safety"
    3. Click "View All Events" 
    4. Click on the training session you wish to attend
    5. Click "Register" or "I'm Interested"
    6. Follow registration instructions
  • Private/Group Session

    If you would like to organize a private session for any safety training courses, please email the Training coordinator at Follow the criteria and general information for organizing a private session:

    • You must have a minimum of 5 participants
    • We can accommodate multiple trainings in one session (i.e. CPR/AED and fire extinguisher safety)
    • If you have a classroom space available in your area, we can conduct the training(s) at your location (this goes for all FIU campuses and South Florida sites)
    • Dates and times are conditional to the availability of the subject matter expert(s)