EH&S Chemical Inventory Tracking System

Track your chemical stocks through the EH&S Chemical Inventory Tracking System. This is an in-house, web-based, user-friendly collaboration between FIU Division of IT and FIU EH&S to better track and manage chemical inventories in FIU laboratories. Please click the button to access the EH&S Chemical Inventory Tracking System. Use your FIU credentials to log in. Please email with any suggestions, comments, and general feedback. We are always working to improve for you.



Sticker/Label/Tag Requests

Click here to request all of the following:

  • Compressed Gas Cylinder Stage of Use Tags
  • Hazardous Waste Labels
  • Restricting Chemical Discharge Stickers

Food Safety

While EH&S does not have a formal food safety program, you can use this FDA resource as a wonderful guideline for safely handling and cooking food.